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Universal mutil-colors auto-Screen printer S102

mutil-colors UV printing for flat/round/oval bottles/cups and so on

S103 Automatic Cylindrical Screen Printer

For single color UV printing on cylindrical tube/bottles

S1C flat screen printer

For powder cases, square bottles, leads printing.

Auto 2 color ruler screen printer with dust clean

Straight rulers, right triangle rulers, regular triangle rulers, protractor.

Different rulers print at the same time or multi prints at the same time.


SS3/5 3-5colors all servo screen printer with UV system

All servo driven system, best accuracy

S102-8 1-8 colors universal auto UV screen printer for round/oval/flat

The S102 is designed for multi-colour decoration of cylindrical/oval/square plastic/glass bottles, hard tubes at high production speeds. It is suitable for glass and plastic containers printing with UV ink. Need registration point for multi-color cylindrical bottle printing. 

SH107 Auto 2 colors screen printing+1 color hot stamping machine

for mutil-colors printing + hot stamping product request

S106-5/7 5-7 colors automatic screen printer

Mutil-colors screen printing by mechanical register

APM-S104M 3-5 colors automatic screen printer for bottles with servo motor driven

Easy mutil-colors printing by only one fixture with shuttle table

S107 chain type automatic three color screen printer

Chains type mutil-colors printing for small product

APM-SG104 Automatic Glass Bottle Screen Printer

1~5 colour decoration of cylindrical glass bottles and cups.

It is suitable for glass container printing with thermoplastic ink.

 It is capable of printing all the round containers without color registration point.


S106-2/3 2/3 colors auto screen printer for small bottle/tubes

Small index mutil-colors printing for small bottle/tube products

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