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APM-S3020S Automatic 2 Color Screen Printer With Rotation

Stationery board

Product Information


Stationery board


1. Auto loading rack (products drop from downside to fixture)with 500mm height.

2. Auto dust clean with exhaust before each color printing, total 2 dust clean

3. Fixture with vacuum

4. PLC control, Touch screen display

5. Servo motor driven: mesh frame up/down, printing

6. UV drying after each color printing (Use UV ink)

7. Auto unloading and pile up (height: 500mm)


Printing colors: 2

       Max. and min. product size: 318 x 218 mm and 237 x 172.5 mm   

       Max. and min. product thickness :  2.5mm and 1.4mm.

Max.frame size: 380x600mm

Max.printing speed: 600~750pcs/hr

Air pressure: 6~8bars

Power supply : 3phase, 380V, 50Hz

Dimension(LxWxH): 3500x1500x2100mm

Weight: 2500KG



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